Amazing Tricks To Stop Your Kajal From Smudging

Amazing Tricks To Stop Your Kajal From Smudging

Kajal is a go-to makeup product for every occasion whether you go to the office or a party, it is a must-have in every woman’s makeup kit. But there is no denying that it is hard to keep it intact. Especially during the summer and monsoon season, when our face turns oily frequently, leading to increasing panda eyes due to smudged kajal. This one thing can risk your entire makeup look. To avoid such a situation follow these easy steps, that will help you to keep the kajal long-lasting. So today we will share with you some amazing makeup tips and tricks to prevent your kajal from smudging and to make it last throughout the day.

Keep face dry: Before applying anything on your face do not forget to wash it. While applying kajal make sure you dry your face thoroughly. Otherwise, there is always a risk of your kajal getting smudged quickly. If you have oily skin, don’t forget to wipe your face with a tissue before applying Kajal.

Use Primer: Before applying any makeup product always remember to use a primer. Just because you aren’t using eyeshadow or any other eye product, it doesn’t mean you can skip this step. Reason? Primers provide a protective barrier, control the extra oil, and also help to create a smoother cleaner base.

Don’t forget to apply compact: Compact works as magic, especially for the waterline application of kajal. Dust on a little bit of powder under your eyes as it absorbs the oil. Then continue with the application of kajal and once you’re done lightly dab away the powder residue.

Apply Lightly: The kajal spreads quickly when it is applied with pressure. Therefore, always try to use kajal with light hands and apply soft strokes.

Set with eye shadow: If you think the situation has gone out of hand, feel free to use some black or brown eyeshadow to define your waterline further.